Theory Of Chill


Theory Of Chill

You ever think another human being is cool and you’re on the like-each-others-stuff-on-instagram level but for some reason you’re just not d to chill with them? Even though god bless them they are sweet and might have cool shoes and decent social media skills but whenever they drop the 
“Heyyyy we should hang out sometime”  its anxiety inducing because no. Because I’m down to hang out but only for like 30 mins if it requires minimal effort and in a large group of people where I can disappear easily. And its not even because you don’t like them, its just because something is slightly off and I’m here to tell you that something is because they are not chill enough.

Insert the theory of chill. There are people, and there are chillers. Regular people are chillers that have not evolved yet, they’re a pre-historic creature suck the energy out of your soul just by existing in the seat next to you (even if they are really really nice/funny/cool). Chillers on the other hand do not require energy to hang out with whether you are on the couch or raging.

Heres how to tell which one you are : Chillers can go 2 hours in a car and the only thing they say is “This is a jam.” “Should we stop for chips” “yo that (insert object outside of window) looked sick”. and maybe a one, two comment about the universe or something hilarious. Its chill.

Non-chillers have to comment about a 100 million different irrelevant shit about whats going on outside the window, and in so and so’s life, and ask 1000 million questions instead of just listening to the freaking radio and watching the trees.

So you might be really nice but if you not d to do some hardcore chilling then we probably can’t..chill.

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