Nothing like a Jamrock road side shop stop, especially of the Ital Sexual Herbal Healing Tonic selling variety. And especially especially after a 3 hour car ride after a night of moderate to heavy white wine consumption. Never got to try out the goodz, but did get to say wassup to Mr. Lime green/ Big Bird yellow shirt-pants combo. The Jamaican approach to fashion is like a ADD kid on crack with 5 fluorescent markers, some fish net and no sense of decency aka it might not be appropriate  but at least its never going to be boring. Which come to think of it is kind of the Jamaican approach to everything in life. Effective? Probably Not. Entertaining? Hellz Yes.

Pics taken on a slightly hungover car sick drive from Kingston to Mobay one time during hype christmas season, wearing nothing important except (of course) for every rude gyals fav jewels Galavant.IMG_7139 IMG_7149 IMG_7143 IMG_7141 IMG_7140

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