if you’re reading this its too late – Y or N

1035x1035-drake (1)

Drakes the guy everyone loves but no-one wants to hook up with. the aww you so cute lets just snuggle kinda guy that you know you’re going to be listening to all emotional both at 3 am and on your walk to school alike. Yeah yeah its corny, its cheezy but lets take a quick question and answer reality check on how Drizzy’s new album is actually going to affect your life :

Answer Truthfully : Y (YES) or N (NO) 

  • Does it sound exactly like his last album Y
  • Will you listen to it anyways. Y
  • Alot? Y
  • Will your group of guy friends think that Legend is specifically written about them Y
  • Will you see quotes from this in all your friends captions on Instagram Y
  • Will somebody make a sweater with lyrics from this album Y
  • Will you go HAM to one or more of these songs when they come on at the club at 4 am Y
  • Will you probably hook up with someone while this is playing Y
  • Will you get really emotional about your ex during one of these songs  Y N
  • Will you feel like a G while driving and listening to this album Y
  • Will you feel really emotional about life while driving home from the club listening to this album  Y
  • Will it make good smoking music Duh1806_1415718101

To sum it up in the words of Big Ghost ( who wrote the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time here)

But yo…ya boy Drizzy Drake aka the rib that was removed from the body of 808s and Heartbreak n incubated beneath the tender bosom of Mother Canada into the tofu complexioned phenomenon he is today is back wit another batch of his emotionally complex audio baked goods. This was Drake contribution to the culture in a nutshell b: He slid thru the door into a hip hop world that was stuck on bagels n donuts n ya boy Drizzy said yo…Imma put yall up on these scones. Thats right the nigga brought scones to the hood.  The boy gave yall audio croissants n even pronounced the shit like kraw-sawnntz on some “I aint like these other niggas” shit. Thats jus the type of cat he was…. Unapologetic…sensitive…sassy… The type of dude to go on ya Facebook page n passive aggressively like all ya posts b. The type of muthafucka that could tell the difference between the shades of terra cotta n vermilion on the nails of a basic chick from across the room n shit…Never been a cat like him in the game before n its a good chance we aint gone see another nigga thats cut from that same ‘tumble dry only’ fabric for a long time b. So love him or hate him…son done found a cozy little spot for hisself in the books n he probably aint going nowhere anytime soon.

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