Critics Choice Awards

On this episode of “I don’t understand how such rich people can still dress so badly”, otherwise called “could you been anymore basic” : the critics choice awards

No but really they have stylists, personal trainers, etc etc and this is all we get??


Jennifer Aniston in Gucci. First off let me retract former statement and let you all know Jenny from the block KILLED it.


Marion Cotillard in Dior. Cupcake dresses give me anxiety but this one is looking rather munchie inducing.


Emily Blunt in Emilio Pucci. Emily blunt everything, always. Sexy salsa dip dancer done right. If you didn’t start worshipping her in the intensely deep and thought provoking Devils wears Prada fall in love with her for her prank on Jimmy Kimmel


Julianna Moore in Saint Laurent. A nice recovery from the Golden Globe awards. Gothic, sexy, she’s a redhead.


Andrea Riseborugh. I don’t know who this lady is but she favors a (badass) leprechaun.


Diane Kruger in Naeem Khan. This is the exact pattern of my ideal table cloth. Not sure if I have table cloth fantasies or if I actually like the dress.

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