1. Leave all your (dirty) underwear at the top of your suitcase. Oh you were gonna search that? Go right ahead. #jamaicanpassportproblems
  2. Smile when Homeland Security Babylon finds the mini hundred dollar bills and dollar sign shaped glitter you forgot you had left in your coat pocket. Spend 20 minutes trying to explain why you have mini hundred dollar bills in your pocket. You’re not a 100% sure why they’re there either.
  3. Double, triple, quadruple check for any “hazardous” (read illegal) materials. This is not Jamaica, your relative that slept with/is the primeminister that one time cannot help you out.
  4. Fun fact – did you know you can board before they call your name on the loud speaker? wild.
  5. Its okay to get anxious on planes, but don’t take so many happy pills you get distracted by the cute boy sitting next to you and forget your laptop behind. #truestory.
  6. Get hair dyed lavender at a hair salon in Minnesota
  7. Take standard Polar Bear Pimp coat Selfie of lavender hair (airport bathroom edition)


Rude Gyal

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