Balloons and Bitches

Text Balloons (on your phone) as Text Balloons (text on a balloon) in real life. Somebody sent me an unpleasant text so I obviously forwarded it to all my closest friends. These were their text balloon responses, that I made into text balloons:

  1. Literally, I can’t even
  2. The world is always ending at 4:00am
  3. R u motherfucking kidding me what the fuck is his fucking problem. I need to see this shit.
  4. Don’t be so emotional
  5. Mi bomboclat, no suh
  6. He’s a fucking pussy
  7. I need to see this shit
  8. Is he insane. Actually though thats like a real question

Conclusion : Good friend better than pocket money.


summer_ballon_1yellow_smilesummer_dog_ballonssummer_dog_ballons (2)
summer_ballons_rintintin summer_ballons_street


photo5 (6)
photo (3) photo1 (35)photo2 (16)



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