Uptown Girls and Good Time Girls

46408_10151364196524124_133916300_nSome people come to have a good time. Some do not.

Uptown Girls have man problem, Good Time Girls have no problem, man.

Uptown Girls have a issue with everybody, Good Time Girls have an issue with security who trying to close down the club.

Uptown Girls want to make an entrance, Good Time Girls want to make an entrance into burger king drive through at 3 am.

Uptown Girls are uptight, Good Time Girls are wearing something tight up.

Uptown Girls came up to stand up in front of their man, Good Time Girls came to stand up in front of the bar.

Uptown Girls spend all night texting on their phone, Good Time Girls spend all of the next day trying to find their phone. 

Uptown Girls come to dash a drink on a girl, Good Time Girls came to dash champagne on everybody.

Uptown Girls l have goose face, Good Time Girls take goose, to the face. 

Uptown Girls came to fight a bitch, Good Time Girls come to fight any babylon that try take them off the table they’re dancing on.

Uptown Girls came to steal somebody’s man, Good Time Girls will get stolen if you don’t keep an eye on them.

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